Friday, January 25, 2008

we part

The dark ages of our friendship begin.
And the repercussion of only a few words.
An ounce of closeness spoken
and now we pay with darkness.
Two may silently know it, never say it,
and thereby never leave it.
But one word out loud to the other
and a fine is required.
The debtor will never escape the debt
till paid in blackness--
the severance and destruction
of words' creation.
Word is bond.
And bonds must break
the man it is.
For bonds are not between two men,
but the men themselves,
so that breaking is the physical tear
of hearts,
not snapping of sticks between.
How then could two persons torn apart
ever heal together?
For one is the void in the other.
And both can never be the same again--
the same person.
They must be two.
Had we never spoken those words
we had never been closer to one than two.
But loosed our tongues we did
only to lose them now in silence.
We have no means to say,
nor where to say it,
But emptiness--our only balm.


Elena said...

Oh, wow, it's just heart-rending!!

Mary said...

okay, joe. you are seriously really good with words. i wish i had your touch, you elegance, your tongue! :) i was just thinking and wondering what you think of this plan of mine. you should write the words, and seth the music, and then i could sing the song. wouldn't that be great? i could go on american idol!!!!!!!!! heehee.... what are your thoughts about the idea minus the joke?

Becky said...

That is very beautiful Joe. It is sad and soothing at the same time...and maybe that's how you meant it to be.

Can you help me think up a good blog name...that incorporates Castleton in it?

ju said...

how about "i speak castletongue"?

or "i sing castletones"?

or "my castleton chronicles"?

or "queen of the castle(ton)"?

or...maybe i'll just go back to working.

Becky said...

my friend Christine, who you met in Palmyra and at BYU last fall, just read your notice on plagiarism and on "quil" and said the following quote from "Much Ado About Nothing": "Truly, your intellect is dizzying."

I'm doing all I can to let the whole world know who you are!!!

Julie - thanks for the ideas...they're quite fun!

quil said...

The quote is, "Truly, you have a dizzying intellect," and it's from "Princess Bride." Nice try though :) I'm glad yet one more is confused by the mess that I am.