Thursday, February 5, 2009


I should pay for what I've done
And she will make me pay it.
For each time I concealed a gun
she will make me pay.

I should lose what I hold dear
And she will make me lose it.
For every sadness, every tear
she will make me lose.

I should fear deep loneliness
And she will make me fear it.
For all the apprehensiveness
she will make me fear.

I should feel the pain she felt
And she will make me feel it.
For each touch stolen, each touch dealt
she will make me feel.

Monday, February 2, 2009

miss someone

motivation to stay active, busy, focused--

miss someone.

miss someone so much it hurts to stand still.
so much it hurts to leave any of your faculties alone
to inflict the pain they want.
so much the dagger of a deadline cuts shallow
compared to the axe of absence.
so much you fear the moments of rest
or the loose wandering before sleep.
so much you focus, you focus, you . . .

you still miss someone.