Monday, February 2, 2009

miss someone

motivation to stay active, busy, focused--

miss someone.

miss someone so much it hurts to stand still.
so much it hurts to leave any of your faculties alone
to inflict the pain they want.
so much the dagger of a deadline cuts shallow
compared to the axe of absence.
so much you fear the moments of rest
or the loose wandering before sleep.
so much you focus, you focus, you . . .

you still miss someone.


thack said...

I think you should go back. Definitely.

Meg O said...

Oh Joe, you could just write me a letter or something, I never knew you missed me so much.

Elena said...
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Elena said...

hehe, it's funny, Joe, only you and me know - who you actually miss..
but let them all think what they think!

Lorna said...

Well, I was gonna make a joke about how it's me but that's already been done and plus I'm your cousin so that'd be weird. Potent, though Joe, potent.