Friday, November 7, 2008

My First Crush

If I could turn you into sunlight's ray,
you'd yet be with me when so far away.
The dew on every flower'd reflect your face,
but alas, without such realness and such grace
as has the moment rare and soft with you.
Me thinks I shall not want for sun, but you.
--May 2003

I wrote this for someone a long time ago. My first crush after the mission. See how simple it was to love back then? How new and harmless? My words are as innocent and free as they are naive. There is something childish about them, so lost in what I'd found, so simple in what I needed. And now when love is the prison I can't seem to escape, I wish for the first crush again, when love was a candy store, and I knew nothing of cavities.


Elena said...

oh man, such sweet

Meg O said...

Love is the prison you can't seem to escape? Joe, that's- sad? Or is it one of those rich people's prisons, like the one Martha Stewart was in? Knitting time and scrabulous and all? Oh Joe, I hope it's one of those tax evasion sentences and you get some rec time, at least extended visiting hours.
PS-I read this.

joseph said...

thanks for reading, Meg O. And no, I don't get time for scrabulous...though I am allowed my knitting.