Tuesday, April 20, 2010



that permanence of peace,
that trust forged in trial,
that security for secrets,
that last laugh at adversity,
that comfort of consistency,
that depth of devotion,
that faith when failing
and light when losing--

is a myth.

Friendship is a luxury
as permanent as pearls
and dependable as diamonds.

There are no candles after dark.


following fancies said...

I have felt this so much of recent being here in Berlin without the friends and family that are just there... I don't have to worry about doing extra to maintain, I just be me and it goes... it works. Here, with this group it has been harder than I ever imagined it would be. Two months is definitely a lot longer than a week. You put into words things I only think through over and over and over again... but can never formulate more than half conversations in my head. However it happened... you have been extremely blessed with words. You put them so cleanly and clearly. I love it, and thank you.

following fancies said...
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Joel said...

What do you mean by Friendship is a myth, or how are all those traits of friendship a myth? I mean I understand that it is really hard to find and even to be a true friend, but when one is married, do you think it becomes more possible to be a true friend? Could you explain how friendship is a luxury? Is it because true friendship is hard to come by? Also, what does the phrase mean that says, "There are no candles after dark." It is a very deep poem and I give you all the credit for how well it was written; I just want to understand it better.